Wrap Up by Valerie Perez (part 2)


A story to Wrap Up (part 2 of 3)

After a while I ended up in Thailand looking for peace and inspiration. Seven months after, I realized how much I was missing my family and I got scared that if I was not coming back to the States, I was going to become a hippie and spend the rest of my life there. 


When I came back home, I started going to the gym every day. Day after day I got so frustrated with my towel always falling down while I was doing my hair and makeup. I remembered my times in Thailand wearing sarongs, soft fabrics, beautiful and colorful prints. Something you would walk around all day and wouldn’t fall.


Why towels couldn’t be like that?


At that point it was clear to me that I could not let this one go, something needed to be done. I had to create a towel that would absorb the water, but the fabric had to be light weight at the same time; it would stay on, and it had to look beautiful. I wanted to feel comfortable and sexy, not look like a potato sack scared of moving around or my towel would fall.


This is how it all began; the company was named Wrap Up, because it all started with the body wraps. It was a very humble beginning for me. I couldn’t afford a warehouse at the time, so of course I bought the biggest camping tent I could find, set it up in my back yard and hustled out there every day from 6am until midnight.  Little did I know back then in 2004, that I would make it where I am today.

To be continued...