How Do I know My Robe Size?

Although shopping for a luxury bathrobe may seem simple, it is good to know what to look for in order to find the best size and fit for your body. 


Know What Makes a Robe a Good Fit

The best fitting robe would be one that fits snug around your body. A good fitting robe will not slide off your shoulders or require you to readjust the belt around your waist.

The perfect robe must feel comfortable and allow for unrestricted movements. Many will buy a bathrobe that is the next large size for this reason, They want comfort and the ability to wear loungewear items underneath it.

The rule of thumb is to allow 3 to 5 inch margin to the body measurements. Additionally, when choosing the right robe, one of the main features you should consider is the weight. The weight of the robe can affect other factors to consider when purchasing a robe.

The weight of the robe will determine breathability and comfort. If you want a warm robe, it's preferred to choose robes that have a heavier fleece. Lightweight robes are best for warmer climate, or if your body temperature is usually warmer.


How To Tell If Your Robe Is The Right Fit

In order to understand how bathrobes are measured, you will need to know and some measurements bathrobe manufacturers often refer to. Check the following measurements when shopping for a bathrobe:

  • Length: The distance between the neck's center to the bottom hem.
  • Width: The circumference of the robe skirt. This needs to fully cover a person's legs and hips without being too loose or too tight.
  • Sleeves: The sleeve length is measured between the shoulder seam to the sleeve cuff. This measurement is crucial when buying a robe.
  • Sleeve Opening: The sleeve opening is also essential as it could cause discomfort if it does not fit correctly. 
  • Belt: The length of the belt has to be proportional for your waist size.

Here are some important body measurements you must have when shopping for a bathrobe:

  • Shoulders: This measurement is taken from the edge of one shoulder to the edge of the other.
  • Chest or Bust: The circumference of the bust line should be the primary concern. Even with one-size-fits-all robes. For men, it should be the size of their back which can be measured from one armpit to the other across their back.
  • Waist and Hips Size: It is a must to measure both the waist and hips as they correlate directly with the width of the robe.


Choose Quality Robes Made To Last

Bathrobes can be expensive and a long list of fabrics used in making their robes. To choose the best one for you, you'll need to know the different fabrics.

  • Weight of the robe: Knowing the weight of your robe is key. You have to know how heavy you want your bathrobe to be. For heavier options, cotton velour and cotton terry robes are your best options. For a lightweight feel, go for cashmere, silk, polysilk, or chenille robes.
  • Absorbency: Robes with high absorbency tend to be heavier. Absorbent fabrics are microfiber and terry. For a less absorbent robe choose chenille or cashmere.


 Types of Robe Fabrics:

Cotton: If warmth and absorbency is a priority for you, cotton bathrobes are your best options. However, cotton is more prone to shrink.

Polyester: This is a man-made material usually blended with cotton to avoid extreme shrinkage after washing and drying. A polyester blend fabric feels plush and silky smooth. This is the most commonly used material at hotels and spas because of it's luxurious feel.

Chenille: Chenille fabric robes have an insulation built-in because they're made with 100% polyester. This type of fabric tends to lose its shape after washing.

Satin and Silk: This is a lightweight fabric made popular because of their smooth feel on the skin. This fabric is not absorbent but they're great to use as loungewear. 


Choose The Right Bathrobe

There are a variety of different style bathrobes, choose the right design for you.

Types of Robe Designs

Kimono: Kimono bathrobes are a more fashionable style that is inspired by traditional Japanese apparel. Kimono robes generally have a wide sleeve, a broad sash, and a relaxed collar. Kimono bathrobes are generally silk or polisilk.

Shawl Collar: Also has a relaxed collar, similar to the kimono. The most distinct feature of the shawl robe is it has a higher cover on the chest. This is the best option to go for if you want to keep warm in your bathrobe.

Hooded Robes: Hooded robes are generally thick cotton fabric which keeps you warmer and allows for the hood to absorb and dry your hair.