Wrap Up by Valerie Perez (part 1)

A story to Wrap Up (Part 1 of 3)


Born in beautiful Casablanca, Morocco, I have always had an eye for colors, patterns and exotic beauty. My family moved to Los Angeles when I was just a teenager, shortly after my arrival I started to work in a clothing store, there it became clear to me that I wanted to study Fashion Design.


After working many years in the industry for some of the biggest brads today, I decided that it was time to make it on my own.


My first venture as a business owner was a Morgan de Toi franchise. After partnering with my family, we created an empire of more than seventeen stores of this amazing French brand in the west coast and a couple of them in Switzerland.


I spent many years traveling, opening new stores, and merchandising. One day I woke up, and all of it was over, I realized that my life had been on autopilot for so long, it felt like I was suffocating, I need it to go away and breathe again.


One morning I went to see my parents, after getting their blessing, I bought a one way ticket to China and left.

(to be continued)