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Only in specialized stores like Wrap Up, you will find a wide variety of printed robes, with surprising and beautiful designs that will delight you.

We have a wide variety of designs. You just have to look at the size guide and add it to the shopping cart, so, in a short time the robe will be in your hands. In case you still don't know what type of design you want; you can be guided by the type of pattern that best suits what you are looking for. 

Wide variety of patterns

For quite some time, bedding has been gaining popularity within the fashion world. Things have been changing, so today the designs of garments such as pajamas and robes are just as important as other piece of clothing.

Floral design

It is a floral-print robe in blue, the flowers and leaves are detailed and more noticeable by the white background, which highlights the navy-blue color. This style gives an elegant and harmonious touch to the robe, in addition to not being overloaded, the smallest details can be better appreciated.

If you are looking for a color that stands out more, then you can choose a printed robes model in pink. This color is characterized by being very emotional and transmitting kind and deep feelings, that is why it is also related to more  sensitive people. It is ideal for all those who want to give a more special touch to their rest days, where relaxation is a priority.


Undoubtedly, one of the most luxurious options in terms of robes are those with romantic prints. These designs are characterized by having the perfect combination of colors, their white prints elegantly stand out against a colored background.

To make things even more special, you can find long and short models, which in addition to being comfortable, gives you a sexier touch. They are made of the highest quality and soft materials which helps retain body heat.


Throughout history, butterflies have had different meanings in cultures, which is why their image is a spiritual symbol for many people. For most cultures, butterflies represent major life changes, transformations, and a personal evolution toward something positive.

That's why seeing these kinds of printed robes is inspiring, it can even be a great help when you are going through a major change. Whether you're starting a new job, moving, or just want to feel inspired while also relaxing.

The truth is that these types of robes are an excellent alternative, especially since butterfly designs never go out of style.

Cheerful design

At Wrap Up we think about all the client's needs, that is why among our variety of printed robes we offer designs for every occasion. A good example is the breeze-style robes, which we have with colorful and cheerful prints, which can make anyone who wears them feel good.

But the cheerfulness of the pattern is not the only thing that characterizes that design, also the material with which these robes are made. Taking into consideration how delicate the skin can be in contact with some fabrics, soft microfiber materials are used.

Materials are carefully chosen to provide the comfort you need. The texture feels nice and soft to your skin. Even during hot weather, the gowns give the body the looseness it needs to keep you fresh all day long.

Animal print

In recent years the popularity of animal prints has risen a lot, mainly in the world of fashion. It is no longer only used in pants, bags and dresses, today you can find all kinds of garments with this kind of design. It is precisely for this reason that printed robes with these designs are increasingly in demand.

Among the animal print patterns, one of the favorites is the leopard one, as its spots remind us of how powerful nature is. You can find short and long designs, so it is easy to find the model that best suits your needs.

For us at Wrap Up it is of great importance to offer our customers the best collections of printed robes, so we always offer modern products. In addition to having products of the highest quality, we offer the customer an excellent service, so the customer will be able to know the shipping price and estimated delivery time before shopping the products.